Eyes Wide Open – Emergency Preparedness


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We never want to get caught unprepared in an emergency situation in our building. In this session, you’ll learn practical strategies to remain compliant with licensing requirements for emergency preparedness. We’ll cover everything from requirements for fire safety to weather-related emergencies and beyond. No one wants to think about having a violent intruder enter your program, but we must be prepared! Learn from a seasoned security professional the best techniques for staying safe and helping others in a crisis situation. Licensing Standard 746.1309  e.1, f.3,4 (Emergency Preparedness; Safety; Risk Management); Core Competencies: 8.3 (Environmental Safety)

John DeLeon has over 25 years of experience in construction, food operations, profit and loss management, and project execution. His operations expertise includes security, facilities management, personnel training, and financial stewardship. He is a strategic leader that effectively leverages skills from multidisciplinary teams to inspire confidence, high-performance, and to ensure project quality and completion Trainer Criteria (a.5) of Minimum Standard 746.1317