Learning Library HELP!

I'm enrolled in a course and I can't figure this out.

Step 1 – Click on My Account
Step 2 – Click on Account Details
Step 3 – Enter your First and Last name exactly as you want them to appear on your Learning Library Certificate

Step 1 – Hover over Learning Library and click on Group Code Enrollment.
Step 2 – If this is your first course to take in the Learning Library, create an account.

Step 3: If you already have an account, log in, and then enter your group code and click submit.

Check your email for a direct link from Early Childhood Christian Network OR (since you’re already here…)
Step 1: Hover over My Account and click on My Courses
Step 2: Click on the Course you want to take

Step 1: Once you’re inside the course, scroll down until you see Lesson 1.

Step 2: Click on Lesson 1 and you should see the video there.

Once you’ve passed your quiz, you should be directed back to the main course page. Scroll down just slightly to see a link to your certificate.

Step 1 – Hover over My Account and click on My Courses
Step 2 – Click on the tiny document icon next to the green “Complete” button next to your course to download your certificate.

I'm trying to purchase courses for my staff and I can't figure this out.