Lessons from Jellyfish – How To Create Appealing, Beautiful, and Purposeful Habitats


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The learning environment sets the tone for all learning experiences.  What can we learn from jellyfish about classroom design? In this presentation we’ll cover three classroom design strategies – (1) advantages of curvilinear environments; (2) ways to create free flowing (without physical encumbrances) environments; and, (3) ideas for designing illumination experiences for young children.

Dr. Sandra Duncan – Working to assure the miracle and magic of childhood through classroom environments that are intentionally designed to connect children to their community and neighborhoods, Dr. Sandra Duncan is an international consultant, an author of six books focused on the environmental design and layouts of early childhood classrooms. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Western Michigan University, a Master of Science in Elementary Education from Indiana University and a Doctorate of Education from Nova Southeastern University.
(Trainer Criteria (a.4,5) of Minimum Standard 746.1317)