First Responders – Noticing the Early Warning Signs


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Preschool teachers are on the frontlines for observing developmental disorders and learning difficulties in children. You are the first to notice when children are falling behind or displaying classic signs of some of the most common learning needs like autism or sensory processing disorders. How can we approach parents in a way that is not offensive while still getting the early intervention a child desperately needs? This session will explore the early warning signs of autism and other developmental disabilities.  We’ll also talk about what language to use and how to address parents in a loving, Christ-like way when we have concerns.

Jennifer Holt – Jennifer coordinates the Sapphire Special Needs Ministry at Forest Hills Baptist Church.  Her passion for this ministry is inspired by her spunky fourteen-year-old son, Sam, who was diagnosed with autism at age three.  Jennifer is also a writer for LifeWay Christian Resources where she has written various articles about this topic, as well as Special Friends Sunday School and VBS Curriculum.  For the past 18 years, she has been a Gifted Education Teacher at Edmondson Elementary where she was named both EES and Williamson County Tennessee Teacher of the Year for 2016.